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Dr. Mark Hosko, MD, December 1 2020

Treating Painful Urinary Tract Infections – UTI

For most people, the pain and burning of a urinary tract infection can be easily handled

With some over-the-counter painkillers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Anyone experiencing severe pain and discomfort with a urinary tract infection should visit Portland Urgent Care immediately. Acute pain can be an indicator that the infection has spread into the kidneys, a very serious development as the infection can be quite damaging to these organs

In addition, there is a prescription medication that may be given for acute pain and discomfort while the antibiotic is taking effect. Phenazopyridine, known by the brand names Pyridium or Urogesic, soothes the lining of the urinary tract, reducing inflammation and pain. It is actually a dye and can cause the urine to turn orange-red while taking it, but this is a harmless side effect. It may also dye your tears as well and we recommend that patients taking the medication do not wear their contact lenses as the lenses may become stained as a result.

It is important to take all medications as we prescribe them in order to fully cure the infection, as well as drink lots of fluids – especially water.

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Written by

Dr. Mark Hosko, MD

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