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Occupational Medicine - On the Job Injuries

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"Cut myself at work at 9AM was out of the Urgent Care by 11AM. They were fast, friendly, professional  and accommodating. A+"

Butcher B.

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Occupational Medicine - Treating On the Job Injuries in Oregon and Washington at Portland Urgent Care

We are proud to provide treatment for work injuries to our Portland residents. We have exceptional service and experience treating a range of work-related injuries, such as cuts, sprains, strains, and fractures.

Portland Urgent Care has the equipment and specialists on-hand to run diagnostic services, such as X-rays, to assess the extent of the injury. Urgent care facilities can provide immediate care for non-life-threatening injuries, and they are often open outside of regular business hours, making it easier for individuals to receive prompt treatment.

We can provide documentation and referrals to other healthcare professionals, as needed, to support a workers' compensation claim. However, it's always best to check with your employer or workers' compensation insurance provider to confirm that urgent care treatment is covered under your plan.

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Work Injury Clinic

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Prompt and appropriate action can not only aid in your recovery but also protect your rights and ensure you receive the necessary benefits to get back on your feet. Your health and well-being should always be the top priority when dealing with work-related injuries. Visit Portland Urgent Care Today!

Top-Rated Urgent Care for Work Injuries

With the Highest Star Rating & Most Reviews on Google in the Portland Area, You Don't Have to Just Take Our Word for It!

See All 2,700 REVIEWS - 4.8 RATING

"We are proud of our caring, dedicated and hardworking staff who earn their 4.8 star Google ratings everyday."

- Dr. Hosko, MD, Founder & Owner

I Felt That I Got the Best Care I Deserved

"From the moment I stepped into this clinic, I felt I was in very capable hands. From the front staff to my medical provider, I feel like I am getting the care that I need and deserve. Dr. Nas not only listened to my concerns but she was also engaged in our conversations. She was very knowledgeable in her field and I felt that I got the best care I deserved. I would highly recommend Portland Urgent Care. 27 years in the medical field and this was my first worker’s comp injury and it’s very frustrating because I was hurt by a third party. I had no idea what steps needed to be taken and they have helped me thoroughly in scheduling all necessary appointments. From the front staff, CMA’s, and my doctor, I felt that I received the quality of care that I deserved to recover from my injury."

Joy C.

Treating Work Injuries at Portland Urgent Care Is the Right Decision

"The team at Portland Urgent Care is very knowledgeable and made me feel like I was in good hands. They were good listeners and got me the care that I needed for my work injury."


Went Out of Their Way to Help Me Navigate Filing My Workers' Comp Claim

"My appointment was easy to schedule and started right on time. All the staff were very helpful and went out of their way to help me navigate filing my workers' comp claim."

Erika M.

Fast, Efficient & the Doctor Was Fantastic

"I cut my finger pretty deep at my job down the street. I was in and out within 15 minutes got 3 stitches and the service was fast and efficient. The doctor was fantastic and very calming I had never had stitches before and he did a wonderful job. First time I've ever had no wait time at an urgent care!"

Tori C.

Why send your employees to Portland Urgent Care?

  • Open 7 days a weeks, after hours and holidays
  • Our work injury doctors specializes in workers' compensation claims and the complicated paperwork.
  • Book your appointment online or just walk in.
  • Onsite X-ray, lab testing and integrated with Portland Wellness Care for chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage therapy.
  • Same day DOT physicals available
  • Pre-employment screening

In Oregon, when you file a worker's compensation claim and it's accepted, the worker's comp insurance pays for all of your medical needs. Portland Urgent Care works closely with business owners in Oregon and Washington to customize a rapid recovery program specific to their industry. Whether you need treatment for an on the job injury or DOT physicals, we have you covered 7 days a week. We integrate with Portland Wellness Care to ensure an expedient return to regular duty. To learn more or to speak to one of our occupational medicine specialists, contact us today.

Assessment and Diagnosis

A medical professional can accurately assess the severity of your injury and provide a diagnosis. Some injuries may appear minor but can worsen without proper treatment.

Preventing Complications

Early treatment can prevent complications that may arise if an injury is left untreated. For example, a minor cut can become infected if not properly cleaned and dressed.


Medical records serve as crucial evidence in workers' compensation claims. They establish a link between your injury and your job, helping support your claim.

Pain Management

Our team can provide pain management techniques and medication to alleviate discomfort and facilitate your recovery.


In cases of serious injuries, our medical professionals can create a rehabilitation plan to help you regain functionality and return to work as soon as possible.

Legal Protection

Prompt medical attention ensures that your injury is properly documented, which can protect your rights in case of disputes with your employer or the workers' compensation insurer.

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More Information DOT Physicals Available

Visit Portland Urgent Care To Be See a Medical Professional After an On-the-Job Injury

Providing Evidence Based Treatment

Portland Urgent Care doctors evaluate diagnose and create a treatment plan.

Medical and Healthcare Providers

Portland Wellness Care provides chiropractic care, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy treatments.

MobilMED - Portland Urgent Care on wheels provides services on-site to businesses throughout greater Portland

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Taking Care of Work Injuries

Work-related injuries are an unfortunate reality that many employees face during their careers. Whether you work in a physically demanding job like construction or have a desk job, accidents can happen, and injuries can occur. When such incidents take place on the job, it's essential to understand the steps to follow, the role of workers' compensation, and the importance of seeking medical attention promptly.

Types of Work Injuries We Treat:

Work-related injuries can vary widely depending on the type of job and industry. However, some injuries are more prevalent across different sectors:

  • Sprains and Strains: These injuries often occur from lifting heavy objects, repetitive movements, or awkward postures. Back injuries are a common example.
  • Fractures: Bone fractures can result from falls, collisions, or accidents involving heavy machinery.
  • Cuts and Lacerations: Sharp tools or equipment in various industries can lead to cuts and lacerations.
  • Burns: Workers in industries involving heat sources or chemicals are at risk of suffering burns
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries: Jobs that require repetitive motions, such as typing or assembly line work, can lead to conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Electrical Injuries: Electricians and workers in similar trades face the risk of electrical shocks or burns.
  • Chemical Exposure: Exposure to hazardous chemicals can cause respiratory problems, skin conditions, and long-term health issues

How does Portland Urgent Care treat on-the-job injuries?

Portland Urgent Care’s team is able to address and help you recover from an injury with swift action and years of experience to our name. Our clinic can treat a variety of injuries, and treatment will depend on the type and severity of injury. If an injury has long-term implications like back or neck pain, we work with our sister clinic, Portland Wellness Care, which also has a team trained in managing and treating work-related injuries. At PWC, we use a variety of treatment types, including chiropractic, physiotherapy, medical massage, and acupuncture to help mitigate the long-term effects of these work-related injuries.  

Reasons to Choose Portland Urgent Care for Workers' Comp Injuries

Accessibility: We are easily accessible to injured workers. Our hours are convenient, including evenings and weekends.

Experienced Staff: Our healthcare providers have some of the best experience in treating work-related injuries in Portland. We should understand workers' compensation processes and documentation requirements.

Prompt Service: Quick evaluation and treatment are critical for workers' comp cases. We prioritize timely care to minimize downtime for injured employees.

Comprehensive Services: Portland Urgent Care offers a range of medical services, including diagnostic imaging (X-rays, MRI), orthopedic evaluation, physiotherapy, and occupational medicine, to address a variety of work-related injuries.

Communication: Effective communication with employers, workers' compensation insurers, and injured workers is crucial. We are proud to facilitate this, providing clear documentation and timely updates on patient progress.

Case Management: Some injuries may require ongoing care and rehabilitation. We offer case management services to ensure injured workers receive consistent, coordinated care.

Compliance with Regulations: Portland Urgent Care complies with all relevant regulations and guidelines for workers' compensation cases, ensuring that documentation and billing practices meet legal standards.

Reputation: We are proud to have an excellent reputation for treating worker's comp injuries in Portland. Simply Walk-In or Book an Appointment for diagnosis & treatment today!

Additional Services

In addition to our integrated worker's compensation services we offer:

Worker's Comp Urgent Care

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Workers' Compensation?

Workers' compensation is a state-regulated insurance program designed to provide financial assistance and medical benefits to employees who are injured or become ill due to work-related activities. The primary goals of workers' compensation are to:

  • Provide Medical Treatment: Workers' compensation covers the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation needed to recover from a work-related injury or illness.
  • Replace Lost Wages: If an injury prevents you from working, workers' compensation provides wage replacement benefits to partially compensate for lost income during your recovery period.
  • Protect Employers: In exchange for these benefits, employees typically waive their right to sue their employer for negligence in cases of work-related injuries.
  • Promote Safety: Workers' compensation laws encourage employers to maintain safe working conditions by imposing penalties for violations and providing incentives for safety programs.

What Happens if You Are Hurt or Injured on the Job?

If you are hurt or injured on the job, you need to see a medical professional to help diagnose your injury and establish a treatment plan. You may need physical medicine to help you in your recovery. Here's a general overview of what happens in such situations:

  • Notify Your Supervisor: The first and most crucial step is to report the injury to your supervisor or employer as soon as possible. Timely reporting is vital as it ensures that the incident is documented, and appropriate actions can be taken.
  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention: If your injury is severe or requires immediate medical attention, do not hesitate to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Your health should be the top priority.
  • Workers' Compensation Claim: In most cases, you will be eligible to file a workers' compensation claim. Workers' compensation is an insurance program that provides medical benefits and wage replacement to employees who are injured while performing their job duties. The specific process for filing a claim may vary by state, but it typically involves notifying your employer and completing necessary paperwork.
  • Medical Evaluation: After reporting the injury, your employer may instruct you to see a company-designated healthcare provider for an initial evaluation. This evaluation helps determine the extent of your injuries and establishes a baseline for treatment.
  • Follow Medical Advice: It's crucial to follow your healthcare provider's recommendations for treatment and recovery. Failure to do so can affect your eligibility for workers' compensation benefits.
  • Communication and Documentation: Maintain clear communication with your employer, healthcare providers, and the workers' compensation insurer throughout the recovery process. Keep records of all medical appointments, bills, and correspondence related to your injury.
  • Return to Work: Depending on your recovery progress, you may be cleared to return to work either with restrictions or without. Your employer is obligated to provide reasonable accommodations if necessary.

Types of Work Injuries That Should Be Deemed Urgent:

Fractures and Dislocations: Broken bones or dislocated joints need immediate attention to prevent further damage and facilitate proper healing.

Deep Cuts and Lacerations: Severe cuts that are bleeding heavily or that expose underlying tissues may require stitches or sutures to minimize scarring and infection risk.

Head Injuries: Any head injury, especially those resulting in loss of consciousness, should be evaluated promptly to rule out concussions or more severe traumatic brain injuries.

Eye Injuries: Injuries to the eye, including foreign objects embedded in the eye or chemical exposures, can cause permanent damage if not treated quickly.

Burns: Severe burns or burns on the face, hands, feet, or genitalia should be treated urgently to prevent infection and minimize scarring.

Electrical or Chemical Exposure: Workers exposed to electricity or hazardous chemicals should seek immediate evaluation, as these exposures can have delayed health effects.

Back Injuries: Serious back injuries, especially those causing loss of sensation or motor function, require immediate attention to prevent permanent damage.

Crush Injuries: Injuries resulting from heavy objects or machinery accidents should be evaluated urgently for internal injuries.

Falls from Heights: Falls from elevated surfaces, such as ladders or scaffolding, can lead to severe injuries like fractures or spinal injuries.

Heat-Related Illnesses: Workers experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion or heatstroke should seek immediate medical care to prevent life-threatening complications.

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