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Occupational Medicine - on the Job Injuries

"Cut myself at work at 9AM was out of the Urgent Care by 11AM. They were fast, friendly, professional  and accommodating. A+"

Butcher B.

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Occupational Medicine - Treating On the Job Injuries in Oregon and Washington at Portland Urgent Care

Portland Urgent Care works closely with business owners in Oregon and Washington to customize a rapid recovery program specific to their industry. Whether you need treatment for an on the job injury or DOT physicals we have you covered 7 days a week. We integrate with Portland Wellness Care to ensure an expedient return to regular duty. To learn more or to speak to one of our occupational medicine specialists, contact us today.

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More information at Portland Wellness Care

More Information DOT Physicals Available

Why send your employees to Portland Urgent Care?

  • Open 7 days a weeks, after hours and holidays
  • Our staff specializes in workers' compensation claims and the complicated paperwork.
  • Book your appointment online or just walk in.
  • Onsite X-ray, lab testing and integrated with Portland Wellness Care for chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy and massage therapy.
  • Same day DOT physicals available
  • Pre-employment screening

Schedule an Appointment or Walk In for On The Job Injury Care

Providing Evidence Based Treatment

Portland Urgent Care doctors evaluate diagnose and create a treatment plan.

Medical and Healthcare Providers

Portland Wellness Care provides chiropractic care, physiotherapy, acupuncture and massage therapy treatments.

MobilMED - Portland Urgent Care on wheels provides services on-site to businesses throughout greater Portland

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Additional Services

In addition to our integrated worker's compensation services we offer:

I Felt That I Got the Best Care I Deserved

"From the moment I stepped into this clinic, I felt I was in very capable hands. From the front staff to my medical provider, I feel like I am getting the care that I need and deserve. Dr. Nas not only listened to my concerns but she was also engaged in our conversations. She was very knowledgeable in her field and I felt that I got the best care I deserved. I would highly recommend Portland Urgent Care. 27 years in the medical field and this was my first worker’s comp injury and it’s very frustrating because I was hurt by a third party. I had no idea what steps needed to be taken and they have helped me thoroughly in scheduling all necessary appointments. From the front staff, CMA’s, and my doctor, I felt that I received the quality of care that I deserved to recover from my injury."

Joy C.

We All Have Good Experiences

"Portland Urgent Care is where almost all my coworkers go for job injuries and we all have good experiences."


Nicole P.

Helpful, Kind & Very Short Wait

"Very helpful and kind, very short wait, accepted my workman's comp coverage, and there was no copay!"


Nolan B.

Very Knowledgeable

"They really know what they are doing here and are very knowledgeable and capable in handling workman’s comp cases."

Joshua A.

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