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Urgent Care for Knee Injury

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General Knee Pain Information

Auto Accident Knee PainInformation

Voted Best Urgent Care in Portland!

"Fast & professional staff, clean & welcoming facilities. They knew what they were doing and I like that they specialize in auto accidents. Also, they are connected to a treatment center next door, which also seems high-quality." - Gordon S.


Urgent Care for Knee Injury & Pain in Portland, OR

If you are suffering from knee pain or a knee injury due to a car accident, come in to Portland Urgent Care today to evaluate your knee injury and discuss treatment options. Many people are not sure when to go to urgent care for knee pain. The sooner you can get your knee looked at and properly diagnosed, the better.

Evaluation of a knee injury is crucial to determine the extent of the injury, develop an effective treatment plan, prevent further injury, and help patients return to normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Schedule an appointment today with our clinic and we will address and determine the best course of treatment for your knee pain or injury!

Located in Portland's Hollywood District

4160 NE Sandy Blvd Suite 1200

Portland, OR 97212

Schedule an Appointment

Having an appointment assures that you will not need to wait when you arrive for you visit. We will be prepared to assess your situation and determine the best possible solution for your knee pain or injury.

We typically have a wait time of under 15 minutes, but with an appointment you can schedule your urgent care visit in advance with a time that fits your schedule.

Schedule an Appointment or Walk In for Knee Pain & Injury Care in Portland

Top-Rated Urgent Care for Knee Pain

With the Highest Star Rating & Most Reviews on Google in the Portland Area, You Don't Have to Just Take Our Word for It!

See All 3,000+ REVIEWS - 4.8 Stars

"We are proud of our caring, dedicated and hardworking staff who earn their 4.8 star Google ratings everyday."

- Dr. Hosko, MD, Founder & Owner

'I was very well taken care of and definitely had a sigh of relief when leaving. Highly recommend.'

"Went in the early morning to see a doctor for my knee and I was very well taken care of. A nurse came to help open the door as I strolled in with the wheelchair. Barely any wait once I arrived at the front desk. The nurse escorted me to my room where she made sure I was comfortable. Once I met with Dr. Wong, he was very considerate of my situation and went into detail about what he thought the issue may be. Very compassionate doctor who was funny and kind. Left within two hours and definitely had a sigh of relief when leaving. Highly recommend this Urgent Care."

Steph L.

'They were super helpful and very quickly identified the problem with my knee.'

"I had a wonderful experience there! They were super helpful and very quickly identified the problem with my knee. Overall they were great and exceeded my expectations! I definitely will go back if I need to!"

Tanner N.


1. Visit Our Clinic for Urgent Knee Pain Care

2. Receive Integrated Knee Pain Treatment Through:

What Can Portland Urgent Care Do For Knee Pain?



Our healthcare teams are prepared to treat knee pain and injuries of all kinds, including from: auto accident injuries, patients with chronic pain, and aging. Helping you get relief from pain is our goal.


Knee Ligament Injuries

Meniscal Tears

Patellar Chondromalacia


Patellar Fracture

Patellar Tendonitis

Osteoarthritis in the Knee

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Patellar Dislocation

Gout in the Knee


Contact us now. Our clinic accepts same day appointments or walk in patients 7 days a week. Don't wait any longer to feel better. We are here to help the healing process today!


If you knee pain is due to an auto accident, treatment may be covered through the PIP insurance, which we gladly provide records for and bill. We also accept most insurance plans and provide discounted rates to those who pay at the time of service. Act now before your symptoms worsen.


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Knee Pain Diagnosis & Treatment in Portland, Oregon

Medical Exam

At Portland Urgent Care our staff provides a complete medical examination for your knee pain. Seeking medical help quickly will give you comfort in knowing the extent of your injury.

Knee Pain Treatment Plan

We develop customized treatments for every patient, designed to meet your specific needs.  Our services integrate western medicine and physiotherapy with chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Knee Pain Management

We develop customized pain management treatments for every patient, utilizing complimentary approaches such as acupuncture and physiotherapy in addition to medication when needed.

Symptoms of Knee Pain

Knee pain can be cause be a wide variety of issues: heavy physical activity, lack of use, injuries such as sprains or strains, sitting in a constrained area, or sitting on knees for a prolonged period.

Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. Medical conditions — including arthritis, gout and infections — also can cause knee pain.


Seek Medical Help

Many types of minor knee pain respond well to self-care measures. Physiotherapy and knee braces also can help relieve knee pain. In some cases, however, your knee may require surgical repair.

At Portland Urgent will complete an examination and together decide on the best treatment plan.

We have several options that may include treatment at Portland Wellness Care.

Knee Pain Exam - Chiropractor

At Portland Wellness Care our chiropractor will diagnose through touch, or palpation, and a visual examination.

The chiropractic is known as a direct approach, with a strong focus on adjusting the spinal joints.

We may also want to see the results of X-rays and imaging scans.

How Can We Help You?

Once this form is submitted, we will call you during business hours to set up an appointment.


Knee Pain & Injury Care Team

Portland Urgent Care and Portland Wellness Care are located next door to each other in Portland, Oregon to provide a complete solution for most knee pain issues.

• Medical Doctors

• Chiropractors

• Physiotherapy

• Injury Rehabilitation

• Acupuncturist

• Massage Therapists

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PIP - Personal Injury Protection and Medical Insurance

*Every driver in Oregon is required to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance, frequently called PIP, of at least $15,000 in medical coverage. This coverage is Oregon's version of no-fault insurance.

If you were injured in car accident or were hit by a vehicle, you are entitled to the max PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance* regardless of who is at fault. If you have auto insurance in the state of Oregon, you are entitled to benefits that will cover the cost of injury treatment and rehabilitation. Please contact our clinic for more information regarding medical coverage options you have.

Dr. Scott Cathcart DC,MS


Dr. Mark Hosko MD

Founder, CEO

Dr. Chase Walters LAc


We Treat All Forms of Knee Pain

Patellar Tendonitis

Osteoarthritis in the Knee

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Patellar Dislocation

Gout in the Knee

Knee Ligament Injuries

Meniscal Tears

Patellar Chondromalacia


Patellar Fracture

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to urgent care for knee injury?

Yes, urgent care facilities are able to diagnose knee injuries via x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound.

Who should I see for a knee injury?

An urgent care doctor is qualified to diagnose all forms of knee injuries, from sprains and strains to meniscal tears.  Orthopedic doctors specialize in knee injuries.

What will an Urgent Care do for a knee injury?

Physical evaluation, x-rays, and possibly diagnostic ultrasound will be used to make a specific diagnosis.  A treatment plan will then be created that, depending on your circumstances, will be the most optimal for you.

How long should knee pain last before seeing a doctor?

Optimally, zero days. Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Early diagnosis is best.

Can you go to Portland Urgent Care for knee pain?

Yes, Portland Urgent Care and our staff are fully equipped to diagnose knee injuries.

How do I know if my knee pain is serious?

The severity of the problem is determined by an exam, diagnostic x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound.

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