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Treating Lacerations at Portland Urgent Care

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Voted Best Urgent Care in Portland!

"Fast & professional staff, clean & welcoming facilities. They knew what they were doing and I like that they specialize in auto accidents. Also, they are connected to a treatment center next door, which also seems high-quality." - Gordon S.


Urgent Care for Wound & Laceration Treatment

Portland Urgent Care is a leading facility in the area for cuts, scrapes and gashes. Our staff are able to treat your laceration effectively and efficiently. Lacerations can vary in severity from a superficial scrape to a deep, more serious injury that affects underlying tissues, such as muscles, tendons, or nerves.

While minor lacerations can sometimes be managed at home with proper first aid, seeking medical attention for more severe or complex lacerations is advisable to ensure optimal healing and reduce the risk of complications. If you're unsure about the severity of a laceration, it's best to err on the side of caution and consult a medical professional.

At Portland Urgent Care, our wait time to be seen for most visits including a laceration is less than 15 minutes. Our visits cost less than an emergency room - for the same care - so walk-in to our full-service Hollywood neighborhood location now.

Top-Rated Urgent Care for Laceration Treatment

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"We are proud of our caring, dedicated and hardworking staff who earn their 4.8 star Google ratings everyday."

- Dr. Hosko, MD, Founder & Owner

"Went in for a laceration, the staff was all incredible and quick to get me in and out. Will definitely be back in the future as needed."

Corinn N.

"I nearly cut my finger tip off but I was able to get in quickly, cleaned up and 4 stitches. Staff was great, made me feel real comfortable and laughed with me about the whole ordeal. Highly recommend."

Megan R.

"So fast! I came in for stitches and was done within 30 minutes. Friendly staff."

Gina T.

Having an appointment assures that you will not need to wait when you arrive for you visit. We will be prepared to assess your situation and determine the best possible solution for your yeast infection. We typically have a wait time of under 15 minutes, but with an appointment you can schedule your urgent care visit in advance with a time that fits your schedule.

Laceration Treatment: Schedule an Appointment or Walk In

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A laceration is a cut or tear in the skin caused by sharp objects. Common symptoms include bleeding, pain, swelling, bruising, and visible wounds. Deeper lacerations might expose tissues, lead to loss of function, and cause numbness. Infection is a risk, and difficulty stopping bleeding requires medical attention. Proper care and, if needed, medical intervention are important for healing.


Portland Urgent Care is equipped to diagnose and treat a variety of medical conditions, including lacerations. It's typical to diagnose lacerations through a physical examination. If you experience a laceration, especially if it's deep, long, or located in a sensitive area, it's advisable to seek medical attention. To be properly diagnosed, visit Portland Urgent Care today.


At Portland Urgent Care, we treat lacerations by cleaning and assessing the wound, choosing an appropriate closure method, and giving care instructions (or suggesting possible a follow-up if required). Severe cases may be referred elsewhere.  The goal of treatment for lacerations is to ensure proper closure, infection prevent and optimal healing.

How Can We Help You?

Laceration & Wound Treatment Near You

Should I go to Urgent Care for laceration treatment in Portland?

By consulting the medical experts at Portland Urgent Care, we can ensure accurate assessment, appropriate treatment, and minimized risks during the healing process. The following factors are the main reasons why you should seek medical attention after a laceration injury:

Bleeding Control: Some lacerations can result in significant bleeding, which may be difficult to control at home. Medical professionals can efficiently manage bleeding and prevent excessive blood loss.

Infection Risk: Any open wound carries the risk of infection. Healthcare providers can clean the wound properly, prescribe antibiotics if necessary, and provide guidance on preventing infection.

Wound Closure: Deep or gaping lacerations might require stitches, staples, or other specialized closure methods to promote proper healing and reduce scarring. Healthcare providers can skillfully perform these procedures.

Tissue and Nerve Damage: Lacerations can damage underlying tissues, muscles, tendons, and nerves. A healthcare provider can assess the extent of damage and recommend appropriate treatment to prevent long-term functional issues.

Cosmetic Concerns: Proper wound closure and care can help minimize scarring and improve the cosmetic outcome of the healing process.

Tetanus Prevention: Depending on the cause of the laceration and the individual's vaccination history, a tetanus shot might be needed to prevent tetanus infection.

Professional Expertise: Medical professionals are trained to assess the severity of the laceration and determine the most suitable treatment plan, which might not be obvious to an individual without medical training.

Pain Management: Medical providers can offer pain relief options and recommendations to make the healing process more comfortable.

Follow-Up Care: In some cases, lacerations may require follow-up care to monitor healing, remove stitches, and address any complications that may arise.

Preventing Complications: Medical attention can help prevent potential complications such as infection, delayed wound healing, scarring, and loss of function.

Portland Urgent Care is  open 7 days a week to provide you with rapid tests, accurate diagnosis and a personal treatment plan. If you have an injury, don't put off getting the care you need. We offer same day appointments - no wait time -  and walk-ins are always welcome.

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