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Dr. Mark Hosko, MD, March 5 2021

What To Do After A Car Accident

A car accident exerts a tremendous amount of force on your back and spine, and back and neck injuries are very common after a high-impact accident.

You should always see a doctor immediately following a car accident - 

Even if you don’t feel any pain at the time. During a traumatic event, your body releases a massive adrenaline rush that may mask normal pain signals directly following a crash. Some injuries — like back injuries or neck injuries — may not present symptoms until hours or days after the initial accident. Be proactive and seek medical care early to ensure that untreated back or neck pain now doesn’t lead to chronic pain and disability in the future.

Your primary care physician (PCP) isn’t the best choice of provider after a car accident.. While your PCP is an amazing physician for internal health conditions, he or she may not have the training and experience to identify, diagnose and treat car crash injuries. In addition, sitting in a ER for hours after the trauma of a car accident is most likely not something you want to do. Instead, seek medical care from a specialist with expertise in treating back, neck, joint and musculoskeletal conditions.

Portland Urgent Care specializes auto accident injuries. Our providers have the expertise to diagnosis any potential injuries from a car crash. You will receive immediate treatment and relief, getting you well on the road to recovery. At Portland Urgent Care – we work directly with our Wellness Care offering Massage Therapy; Acupuncture; Physical Medicine; Chiropractic and more. One you are diagnosed – it’s an easy walk across the hall to continue your journey back to normal!

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Written by

Dr. Mark Hosko, MD

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