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What Are Seasonal Allergies & When Is Allergy Season?

Teri Lou, December 15 2022

Seasonal allergy symptoms mimic that of an average cold. The sneezing, stuffy or runny nose can leave you feeling drained, fatigued, and defeated. One of the key signs of seasonal allergies is the feeling of having a cold lasting longer than usual. Seasonal allergies tend to last longer than a traditional cold, and may remain symptom causing for...

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How To Help Pet Allergies

Dr. Mark Hosko, MD, October 4 2021

Pet allergies are frustrating for animal lovers and everyone else who ends up in contact with animals. Symptoms of pet allergies can affect everyday life as pets shed fur and skin. If an animal has fur, they can cause a pet allergy, but cats and dogs are the most common animals to cause allergies. Avoiding animals may not be possible or desired....

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