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IV Nutrient Therapy and the Modified Myers’ Cocktail

Dr. Mark Hosko, MD, December 1 2020

It’s called a Modified Myer’s Cocktail, and it’s a tidal wave of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of more than 200 cellular mechanisms in the body. The Myers’ Cocktail is the most efficient way to get nutrients into the body because it bypasses the gut and goes straight into the bloodstream. This means a patient gets optim...

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Splinters and Slivers / When you need the help of a professional

Dr. Mark Hosko, MD, December 1 2020

When thinking about the medical emergencies that we see here at Portland Urgent Care, the terms “splinter” or “sliver” may not be the emergencies that first come to mind. While most splinters and slivers do not require emergency treatment, there are some cases when you do need to see a doctor or other health care professional to remove the object,...

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