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Diagnosing & Treating Gallbladder Pain & Gallstones

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"Fast & professional staff, clean & welcoming facilities. They knew what they were doing and I like that they specialize in auto accidents. Also, they are connected to a treatment center next door, which also seems high-quality." - Gordon S.


Urgent Care for Gallbladder Pain

Portland Urgent Care provides medical evaluation and initial management for gallbladder pain.

At Portland Urgent Care our wait time to be seen for most visits including gallbladder pain is less than 15 minutes, so walk-in to our full-service Hollywood neighborhood location now. Our visits cost less than an emergency room, for the same care treating your gallbladder pain or other non-life-threatening illness.

Our appointment scheduler is available for your convenience online 24 hours a day.

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Having an appointment assures that you will not need to wait when you arrive for you visit. We will be prepared to assess your situation and determine the best possible solution for your gallbladder pain. We typically have a wait time of under 15 minutes, but with an appointment you can schedule your urgent care visit in advance with a time that fits your schedule.

Gallbladder Treatment: Schedule an Appointment or Walk In

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Signs of gallbladder pain is an intense pain on the upper right side of the abdomen. Other common symptoms include nausea, and vomiting, fevers or jaundice. If you are experiencing gallbladder pain, visit our clinic  immediately.


The causes of gallbladder pain is typically  diagnosed through various lab tests or medical imaging. The best course of action for proper diagnosed will be determined by our professionals at Portland Urgent Care.


Gallbladder treatment will depend on the patient's diagnosis. Gallbladder pain is can be relieved with over-the-counter medications or antibiotics. Portland Urgent Care treats common illnesses such as gallbladder pain and will provide proper evaluation and treatment.

Incredible service! Receptionist awesome. Doctor Awesome. Was in and out within 15 minutes. My issue was very time sensitive and they worked incredibly efficient. Thanks Portland Urgent Care!

Corinna W.

Legit the nicest staff and they're absolutely hilarious if you have the pleasure of having a quick conversation with them. My go to urgent care office from here on out. Thanks for making me feel welcome and being so kind and explaining everything to me!

Courtney I.

Quick service and very nice staff. One of the physicians literally saved my life a couple of years ago, and I will be forever grateful.

Megan W.

How Can We Help You?

Portland Urgent Care is  open 7 days a week to provide you with rapid tests, accurate diagnosis and a personal treatment plan. If you have symptoms of an illness, don't put off getting the care you need. We offer same day appointments - no wait time -  and walk-in are always welcome.

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X-Ray: Frequently Asked Questions

Can Urgent Care Treat Gallbladder Pain?

What can urgent care do for gallbladder pain?

Portland Urgent Care offers several services for gallbladder-related concerns, including:

Assessment and Evaluation: Our healthcare providers at Portland Urgent Care can evaluate your symptoms, medical history, and perform a physical examination to assess the likelihood of gallbladder issues.

Pain Management: We can provide temporary relief from gallbladder pain through medications. However, managing the underlying cause might require further evaluation and treatment by a specialist.

Basic Testing: We might conduct basic tests like blood work to check for signs of inflammation or infection and abdominal ultrasounds to identify gallstones or inflammation in the gallbladder.

Referral or Recommendation: Based on the assessment, our providers might refer you to a specialist, such as a gastroenterologist, for further evaluation or treatment. They can also advise seeking follow-up care with your primary healthcare provider for a more comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.Can you go to urgent care for gallbladder pain?

If you're experiencing gallbladder pain, urgent care can be a suitable option, especially if the pain is mild to moderate and not accompanied by severe symptoms or signs of an emergency. Portland Urgent Care can evaluate your symptoms, conduct initial assessments, and offer some treatments for gallbladder-related issues.

Can Urgent Care Diagnose Gallbladder Problems?

Portland Urgent Care can assess symptoms related to gallbladder issues through initial evaluations and preliminary tests like blood work or abdominal ultrasounds to identify potential gallbladder problems.

Symptoms of Gallbladder Pain:

Typically located in the upper right or center of the abdomen, often occurring after meals, especially those high in fat. The pain can be sharp or cramp-like and might radiate to the back or right shoulder blade.

Where To Go For Gallbladder Pain?

Should I go to urgent care for gallbladder pain?

Gallbladder pain can vary in severity and may have various underlying causes. In some cases, urgent care might be an appropriate initial step for gallbladder pain, especially if the pain is manageable and not severe.

If you want immediate assessment, pain relief, or basic tests (like blood work or abdominal ultrasound) to evaluate the cause of your pain, Portland Urgent Care is the right choice.

Gallbladder pain can indicate various conditions, including gallstones or inflammation (cholecystitis). Getting timely evaluation and appropriate care is crucial to address the underlying cause effectively. If in doubt or if your symptoms are severe, seeking immediate medical attention is always the safest choice.

Portland Urgent Care vs the ER for Gallbladder Pain:

It's important to consider that urgent care might not provide definitive diagnosis or treatment for all gallbladder issues. If you're experiencing severe or worsening pain, symptoms of a more serious condition, or if you're unsure about the severity of your symptoms, seeking care at an emergency room or contacting your primary healthcare provider promptly is recommended.

Understanding Gallbladder Attacks:

Gallbladder Attack Symptoms - What does a gallbladder attack feel like?

A gallbladder attack often manifests with intense pain in the upper abdomen, typically on the right side or in the center. The pain might start suddenly and escalate rapidly, often lasting from a few minutes to several hours. A gallbladder attack  is typically felt in the upper right or central abdomen, just below the rib cage. It may radiate to the back or right shoulder blade and it can be intermittent, coming in waves, or a constant ache.

When should you go to urgent care for gallbladder attack?

Urgent care can be an option for a gallbladder attack if your symptoms are manageable and don't indicate a medical emergency.

What will the emergency room do for gallbladder attacks?

The goal of emergency care for a gallbladder attack is to stabilize the patient, determine the cause of the attack, and provide appropriate interventions to address the underlying issue effectively. If you're experiencing severe symptoms or suspect a gallbladder attack, seeking immediate medical attention in an emergency room is recommended.

Can you stop a gallbladder attack while it is happening?

Managing a gallbladder attack while it's happening often involves alleviating the intense pain and discomfort associated with the attack. Over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen (Tylenol) may offer some relief. However, stronger prescription pain medications might be needed for severe pain, which would typically be administered by a healthcare professional. Resting in a comfortable position, such as lying down on your side with your knees drawn up toward your chest, might help ease the pain by reducing pressure on the abdomen. Since gallbladder attacks are often triggered by eating fatty foods, avoiding food and drink during an attack might help reduce symptoms. Placing a heating pad or warm compress on the affected area might provide some relief from the pain associated with a gallbladder attack.

Understanding Gallstones:

Gallstones Symptoms (For Male & Female)

Gallstones can present a variety of symptoms that might differ between males and females, but generally, the symptoms are quite similar. The most common symptom is sudden and intense pain in the upper abdomen, typically on the right side or in the center. This pain can last for minutes to hours and might radiate to the back or right shoulder blade. In males, this pain can sometimes be mistaken for stomach or digestive issues, leading to delayed diagnosis. Other symptoms include nausea/vomiting, indigestion/bloating, changes in bowel habits and fever or chills.

It's important to note that not everyone with gallstones experiences symptoms, and some individuals might have asymptomatic gallstones discovered incidentally during tests for other conditions.

Can urgent care diagnose gallstones?

The provider will read the x-ray immediately, and over read results from a radiologist usually take less than a day.  


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